Via writes a logfile which might contain additional information in the case of problems or bugs.

Accessing the logfile from Via

As long as you can start Via normally, accessing the logfile is easy. Start Via and select the Help menu and choose Report Bug/Feedback…. In the window that opens, the location of the logfile is stated at the bottom, along a button Open Directory which opens the directory that contains the logfile in the file explorer (Window Explorer on Windows, Finder on macOS).

Accessing the logfile without Via

If Via does not start, you cannot access the logfile using the aforementioned steps. In this case, you need to navigate to the logfile directory manually:

On Windows

Via stores logfile within the user’s AppData directory. The exact location of this directory might change between the different versions of Windows, even depending if your user profile is a local one or managed in a corporate network environment. For many local installations, you’ll likely find it in a place very similar to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\via.

On macOS

In the Finder, open the menu Go and press the alt (option) key. An additional entry labelled Library will appear, select it. In the opening directory structure, find the folder Application Support and in there the folder Via. The logfile will be in that directory.

On Linux

On Linux, Via writes it’s logfile to ~/.via/via.log.