Create scenarios. Manage runs. Analyze results.
The modelling suite for MATSim.


Install it on your own server

Tramola can be installed on your own hardware in order to keep your data safe and secure, under your own control.

You can also install it locally on your machine just for yourself.

System Requirements

Easy for Users and Administrators

For Users

Tramola runs in your web browser on your laptop or desktop computer. So all you need to use Tramola is a modern web browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari *.

Basic functionality is also available on mobile browsers (e.g. Safari on iPhone and iPad), but more complex functionality (e.g. editing a scenario) is not supported for touch-input devices.

* Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.

For Administrators

Tramola is a java-based server process that can be run on any major operating system (Linux, Windows, macOS). It requires Java 11 and about 4 GB of RAM in its basic configuration. Additional memory will be necessary to run the actual MATSim simulations.

* Not all features will be available from the start. Tramola is part of a larger vision, which takes some time to bring it fully to reality.