Tramola Features

Edit, manage and run your MATSim models

Powerful features to work with your MATSim models.

Scenario Editing

  • Edit networks: add and remove nodes and links, change link attributes.
  • Edit public transport schedules: Add transit stops, lines and routes, change departure times.

Run MATSim Simulations

  • Edit the configuration file.
  • Start MATSim runs with the push of a button.
  • Run MATSim on separate machines.
  • Monitor running simulations.

Analyze Runs

  • Create dashboards for a quick overview or in-depth view of runs.
  • Compare multiple runs with each other.
  • Visualize runs.


  • Centralized data storage, accessible also with SSH/SFTP.
  • Give multiple users edit-permissions for scenarios.
  • Share scenarios, runs and reports with other users. (*)

More features are added regularly. Do you need a specific functionality? We would be happy to hear from you to prioritize our development accordingly.

(*) Feature coming soon!