Via 22.2 released

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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Via 22.2. This version brings great improvements to working with shape files (or other GIS data, e.g. GeoJSON or GeoPackage data sources), as well as a brand new label layer.

New and improved features

GIS Data improvements

The Shapes Layer now support the time-dependent display of individual shapes, based on attribute values of each shape. Point features can now be used as data source for the (OD-)Aggregation analysis. And the Shape query can now search for arbitrary attribute values, and not only by id. And finally, line-string features are able to show a label text.

Improved Shape Query Shape query finding all villages starting with "A".

New Label layer

Good visualizations often contain labels and markers to highlight cities, landmarks or other special places. In Via, such labels could be added in the past using the XY Plotter, but it was a rather cumbersome process as first the correct coordinates had to be defined, then all the additional attributes like name, color or size had to be manually entered in a CSV file, and the file then be added and visualized. With the new Label layer, markers or labels can easily be added to the map with a few mouse clicks. Additional attributes used for styling the markers can be added as well directly in Via.

The new label layer Adding labels and markers directly in Via.

Export vehicle trajectories

For research projects or alternative visualizations, it is often desired to have “GPS trace-like” data of simulated vehicles, simply consisting of coordinates and timestamps. Via can now export such data from loaded data events data.

Other Improvements

  • Custom symbols now support to be displayed in custom colors (tinted).
  • Width of legend can be customized.
  • Scalebar overlay can be positioned by scripting.
  • Via-files can be opened when passed as program argument.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Download the latest version

The new version of Via is available immediately from the Download section!