Via 21.1 released

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We are happy to announce Via 21.1 with great improvements to several plugins of Via (OD Aggregation, Movie Recording, Scripting), as well as many other smaller improvements and bug fixes.

New and improved features

Showing Relations in OD Aggregations

OD Aggregator has always allowed to show the relations of single zones when querying them. But there are cases where the relations of multiple, or better: all, zones should be visualized. The new visualization option in Via 21.1 allows to visualize all or a filtered subset of all relations as directed lines on the map.

The relations can be filtered, and styled based on various attributes. To keep the visualization clean, it is possible to only visualize e.g. the top 10% of relations, or the top 50 relations.

Visualizing Relations in OD Aggregator

Major Speed Improvements when Recording Movies

The encoding of movies into the MP4 and ProRes format was heavily improved. Converting a series of images to a movie in one of these formats is now 20-25% faster.

The conversion of images to movies is not only usable for screenshots recorded by Via, but also for images created by other tools. Some of these output images with a transparent background, which resulted in artefacts or black backgrounds in the created movie. To overcome this, Via now offers the option to add a fixed-color background to transparent images.

Scripting with Parameters

Re-using scripts to create automated analyses or recordings of different, but similar scenarios required at least the adaption of paths to load or output the correct files. This made automating Via error-prone, or difficult when integrating into external workflows.

In Via 21.1, scripts can interact with the user by asking to select a file or directory, so scripts can be set up to work on user-selected data. To allow such scripts to be used in fully automated setups, it is now also possible to pass parameters to Via scripts, so the same script can be used with different parameters in multiple runs.

Check the in-app script examples to learn more about using parameters and user-interaction in scripts.

Additional changes

In addition to the major improvements listed above, the following smaller changes and bugfixes are also part of Via 21.1:

  • Values of Charts in Aggregator and OD-Aggregator (introduced in 20.3) are now shown in tooltips and in queries.
  • Link labels are automatically hidden if links are short, and null-values are not shown.
  • Display of Map-Attribution is customizable.
  • Improved the performance of several public transport related analyses.
  • Try not to open windows and dialogs off-screen (e.g. after disconnecting a second screen).
  • Various other minor bug fixes.

Download the latest version

Go to the Download section to get the newest version of Via!