Via 19.2 released

It is already time for Via 19.2. Based on various user feedback, we’ve added and improved features in Via in several places! And there is a brand new online-manual available.


Was a single number of value not enough to label your vehicles or links? Now you can define your labels to consist of multiple attribute values, each with an optional pre- and postfix. And to top it off, you can also define a background behind the label to improve the readability of the text.

multi-part labels with background

Multi-part labels with background


The recently introduced link geometries got improved by now also supporting WKT linestrings to describe the geometry. And the time to initialize a network with link geometries got improved as well, most noticeably for large networks.


  • Loading *.via-files is now much faster.
  • Add Open Recent menu item to the File menu to quickly open previously worked-on files.
  • Add Add Recent Data menu item to the File menu to quickly add recently-used data sources.

New Manual

We’ve completely revamped the user-manual for Via. The old manual was provided as a pdf-file, but its age was showing. The new user-manual is now available online for easy browsing. We’ve updated all the screenshots and adapted and enhanced the text where necessary. The new format as a website also makes it easier to provide direct links to certain topics and allows for simpler updating, letting it play a better role in supporting our Via users. Have a look at the new manual and let us know how we can further improve it to meet your needs!

Other changes

  • Overlays can now be scripted to control visibility and styling options.
  • Transit stops offer an additional, time-dependent attribute “Number of Waiting Passengers”.

In addition, there were some bug fixes:

  • Vehicles: Fix displaying vehicles on loop-links upon a Web-Map.
  • Network: Link-Difference-Attributes were not properly saved to/loaded from *.via-files.
  • OD-Aggregator: aggregation produced wrong values in certain cases (since 19.1).

Download the latest version

Go to the Download section to get the newest version of Via!