Mobility Impact Analyzer for Volkswagen Group and MOIA

Running a large number of MATSim simulations produces a significant amount of data. However, how can you best extract key insights from all the simulation output?

Simunto has developed the Mobility Impact Analyzer (MIA) for Volkswagen Group and MOIA, providing a solution to ingest extensive mobility simulation outputs and present the data in a clean, interactive interface for detailed analysis.

MIA’s Features:

  • Interactive Interface: The platform offers an intuitive and interactive interface that allows users to explore simulation data in detail.

  • Map Display: The centerpiece of MIA is a map display that can show both aggregated values and individual vehicle data.

  • Filtering and Aggregation: Users can filter and aggregate data to work out key performance indicators (KPIs) or compare results from one or multiple simulations.

  • Attractive Visualization: MIA enables findings to be presented in an attractive user interface, making it easier to communicate results effectively.

We are delighted to have supported Volkswagen Group’s and MOIA’s teams by developing MIA tailored to their needs. We extend our gratitude to nxt Engineering for their support and expertise during the development process, as well as to 1way2cloud for their assistance in bringing the application into the cloud.