Via 1.8.2 now available

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of Via 1.8.2. Similar to the last release, the latest version comes a number of new features despite its minor version number bump.

Via logo


New functionality in Via 1.8.2

  • Support for time-dependent custom attributes. Custom attributes, e.g. link attributes, now support time-dependent values.
  • Support for households. MATSim’s households.xml can now be loaded and visualized, and household attributes are provided to persons.
  • Show agent and vehicle attributes when querying them.

Improved functionality

  • “Go To Time” and “Set Speed” now preselects existing time/speed also on Windows
  • Aggregating Transit Vehicles’ passenger counts on links is much, much faster now
  • Show progress when aggregating large point sets in Aggregator and OD Aggregator
  • Improve performance of aggregation of points to Shapes by 30-40%
  • Improve visual appearance of gradients-chooser on Windows
  • XyLayer provides legend entries for lines and areas

Bug Fixes

There were also a number of bug fixes, among them:

  • Via does not save preferences on Windows
  • Custom attributes for links or nodes are not saved in via-files
  • Parsing of very large times formatted as HH:MM:SS (e.g. in plans files) fails
  • Wrong time extent when using vehicles or agents layer together with other layers, e.g. Xy layer.
  • Cannot add datasets using Ctrl+D
  • Loading via-files containing WebMap Layers restores all settings correctly

Have you observed an unexpected behaviour, or do you have a suggested for an additional feature? Don’t hesitate and send your observation to

Via 1.8.1 now available

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of Via 1.8.1. Although it looks just like a minor update to Via, it comes with a bunch of improvements and new features. It is also the first release of Via by Simunto, after ownership of Via was transferred from Senozon to Simunto back in January. Due to this change, Via got a minor facelift and welcomes you now with a reworked application icon.

Via logo


New functionality in Via 1.8.1

  • Text alignment for labels in XY Plotter. Text labels of points can now we positioned in different locations relative to the points.
  • Ruler. The new ruler functionality available in the toolbar allows you to easily and quickly measure distances between points in your model.

  • Support for transitSchedule_v2. The upcoming MATSim release will contain an extended format for transit schedules. Via supports loading files in the new format, although the new features are not yet supported.
  • Transit Stop Attributes. Transit stop facilities’ attributes like name, x- and y-coordinate values or the assigned link are now visible in the “Attributes” section when a single transit stop is queried.
  • Search/Replace in Script-Editor. The script editor included with the scripting plugin now provides Search and Replace functionality, available with a right-click on the editor area.

Improved functionality

  • Some functionality was lost in Via 1.8.0 due to the separation of agents and vehicles, among them several transit analyses like the functionality to list the current passengers of a transit vehicles. Such functionality was restored in Via 1.8.1.
  • Transit Analyses can now be created by scripts (requires the Scripting plugin), and the resulting charts or data be exported. Example scripts are provided to show how such analyses can be scripted.
  • The user interface (UI) got improved in several places.

And last but not least, several bugs were fixed: In some cases, shape files could not be loaded into Via or from via-files, teleported legs did sometimes not show up when a WebMap was used in the background, and other minor inconveniences.

Have you observed an unexpected behaviour, or do you have a suggested for an additional feature? Don’t hesitate and send your observation to

Transfer of Via to Simunto

Effective today, all rights on the visualization and analysis software Via have been transferred from Senozon to Simunto.

Having been the lead developer of Via for several years at Senozon, I’m happy to continue the development of Via at Simunto and to work together with you in adapting the software to your needs.

What is changing for user of Via?

At first, not much: All current licenses continue to work according to the existing contracts, and users get the same support for Via as they were used to from me.

What changes is the email-address to get support: Please write your inquiries, problems or feature-requests to Also, Via has gotten a new website, where the latest updates and information about Via can be found:

What's new in Via 1.8 (Part IV)

In this video, we have a look at the enhanced XY Plotter in Via 1.8, now capable of visualizing different coordinates and showing static or animated lines and areas.

What's new in Via 1.8 (Part III)

In this video, zoom-dependent labels, the improved agent query and attribute-dependent vehicle sizes are presented.