MATSim Tutorial

VW, April, 2021

Required Software

During this week, we'll need several applications.

To prepare for the tutorial, it would be helpful if you could download and install the following applications. There will be also some time during the tutorial to do it, but then you’ll have to share the bandwith with all the other participants.



  • JDK / Java 11 (MATSim currently requires Java 11 or newer)
  • Java-IDE (Java Development Environment)
  • Git Source code version control system
  • Via (Visualization and Analysis software for MATSim)
  • A good text editor
    • Windows: e.g. Notepad++
    • macOS: e.g. BBEdit (Free mode is sufficient)
    • Linux: e.g. vi, emacs, …
    • alternative: Atom for Windows, macOS, Linux
    • any other text editor you feel confident with
  • Tools


Slides from the tutorial

Slides will be made available for each day.</a>

Day 1 ...... Slides (PDF, .. MB), Java Reference (PDF, 100 KB)
Day 2 ...... Slides (PDF, .. MB)
Day 3 ...... Slides (PDF, .. MB)
Day 4 ...... Slides (PDF, .. MB)
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