MATSim Tutorial

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, September, 2022


Day 1 Introduction, Setup, First Simulation, MATSim Overview, Network, Population Slides for Days 1 to 3 (PDF, 17 MB)
Slides Java Reference (PDF, 470 KB)
Via license file (1 KB)
Day 2 MATSim API, Demand, Config, Controller, Replanning, Scoring, Events Slides MATSim API (PDF, 250 KB)
Day 3 Event-Handlers, Analyses, Public Transport, Calibration
Day 4 Emissions, Freight, Facilities, Custom Scoring Slides for Day 4 (PDF, 2 MB)
Example Code for BikeFriendlyness/PollutionScoring (ZIP, 5KB)
  • JDK / Java 17
  • MATSim, download the “Latest stable release” from the Standalone section.
  • Java-IDE (Java Development Environment)
  • Git Source code version control system
  • Via (Visualization and Analysis software for MATSim)
  • A good text editor
    • Windows: e.g. Notepad++
    • macOS: e.g. BBEdit (Free mode is sufficient)
    • Linux: e.g. vi, emacs, …
    • alternative: Atom for Windows, macOS, Linux
    • any other text editor you feel confident with
  • Tools